Hardwood refinishing


Hardwood refinishing service: Bring back the beauty of your wood planks

A hardwood flooring installation can provide any house with natural beauty. What’s more, wood floors are also durable and long-lasting while also adding value to your home. However, over time, wear and tear can cause superficial damage to its surface, detracting from its refined splendor. This is when a professional wood refinishing service can save your floors, eliminating scratches and even changing the original color. Not sure if this is the type of service you need for your renovation project? Check out the following benefits of this option when done by industry professionals.

Refined beauty

Bring back the refined beauty that’s natural to wood slats with a refinishing redo. Dents and scratches will disappear, and gritty surfaces will once again be smoothed down. In their place, the classic elegance wood is known for will once again shine through, making your installation take on a brand-new appearance once more.



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Just because your floors don’t look as great as they once did, it doesn’t mean they’re beyond repair. However, damaged wood slats do require extra upkeep to ensure they don’t get ruined further. As such, getting experts to assess your surfacing quickly is key to minimizing unnecessary maintenance costs. Plus, the great thing about a refinishing service is its significantly lower cost than a whole new installation.

Added value

Whether you’re entertaining guests or putting your house on sale, wood floors can add value to a home because of their stunning appearance – but only if they look good! Increase the value of your house quickly by redoing your installation. In terms of potential buyers, hardwood floors have always been a favorite, as it is an appealing addition with a high degree of wow factor.
Hardwood refinishing in Greenwood, IN from Carpet Country

Increased safety

Aside from looking unappealing, the damaged wood surfacing can indeed pose a safety risk. For instance, slats with splinters, as you can imagine, could lead to splinters in feet, at a minimum. Flooring with excessive splintering can also lead to more severe injuries. An assessment and refinishing of slats can address any surfacing problems before they become more of an issue.

Professional wood refinishing services

At our Carpet Country hardwood flooring store showroom in Greenwood, IN, our on-site experts can help you decide if a hardwood refinishing service is what your home needs. Serving the Greenwood, IN, Franklin, IN, Bargersville, IN, Whiteland, IN, and Greenwood, IN regions, our friendly, knowledgeable professionals can ensure your upcoming renovation project is an absolute success.