Easy to understand carpet facts

Looking for a brand new floor covering is a daunting task, but we’d like to offer some respite by telling you a little more about carpet. These gorgeous floors not only look amazing once in place, but they offer a diversity of benefits that can make any homeowner glad they made the switch. These days, you can find carpet that easily matches just about all your needs and preferences, allowing you to install the same flooring across more of your home for a truly unified look throughout. Be sure to consider what this material might be able to do for you.

At Carpet Country, we offer an excellent selection of floor coverings, and we also offer experienced and friendly service personnel who can help bring your entire flooring project together. Our family-owned business has been assisting homeowners since 1971 and we’re still making sure our customers walk away satisfied, as that is our primary goal. We proudly serve the communities of Indianapolis, Franklin, Greenwood, Bargersville, and Whiteland, and we’d love the opportunity to earn your business as well. Please feel free to stop in at your convenience.

Carpet could meet many of your needs

The lush underfoot softness of this material offers great comfort and makes an excellent addition to space you frequent the most. Living rooms and bedrooms, for instance, are perfect places to take in all that this material has to offer. But it’s also very welcoming for guests as well. Not only will they appreciate the comfort, but also the warm and inviting appeal it creates in welcoming areas such as entryways. As the only soft surfacing floor covering available, it also works as an extra layer of insulation and offers incredible warmth. Retaining most of the heat your home creates, it can even work to save you money on your energy bills. Not only will your furnace run less often, but it also won’t run as long either. It’s not often that a flooring investment pays you back, but this one can certainly work towards that. Some manufacturers are offering extra protection in their carpet by manufacturing stain resistance right into the very fibers of their flooring. This is excellent protection against spills and stains and can mean that they will never again become permanent. In addition to making your floors look great; it can also help to alleviate odors since the dirt and debris are easier to remove.

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