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What’s the difference between luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile?

About to undergo a remodel but not sure if you should choose luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or tile (LVT)? First, it's essential to know the differences to select the ideal material for your home project. While both alternatives are quality products, let’s go over the differences and similarities between LVT and LVP so that you can make an informed decision for your household.

Luxury vinyl tile

LVT is manufactured in a wide range of imitation designs, as is the same for LVP. Get the textures, patterns, and colors you want quickly yet at a lower cost than most original materials. Look-alike stone and granite, for instance, are great options available in tile installations. Easy to install and durable, some LVT options require grout while others do not. And, similarly to LVP, tiles are simple to maintain and clean. Lastly, as an extra benefit, LVT is softer underfoot than some harder materials and is thus very quiet and comfortable.

Luxury vinyl plank

Luxury vinyl flooring
in the plank version typically resembles several wood species, such as authentic solid walnut or mahogany hardwood. However, due to its lower cost to manufacture, LVP is a great budget-friendly choice for homeowners. Plus, it’s also stain and scratch-resistant, depending on the brand chosen. This is exceptionally helpful for households with children and pets. As mentioned previously, vinyl planks are easy to clean and have simple upkeep requirements.

But is there a better one?

When it comes down to it, LVP and LVT are incredibly similar in construction and characteristics. This is because they’re so identical; there isn't one that's better than the other. Therefore, when trying to decide which type to select, your choice is primarily dependent on the kind of project you’re doing at home. For example, if you’re searching for flooring in slat form, then planks are your best option. If, instead, you need tiles, then certainly the LVT is your best bet.

Luxury vinyl in Greenwood, IN

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